Snow Filled Flower Sea Crochet Knit Bouquet


Material: Made of high quality brand milk cotton, the fabric is delicate and textured.

According to the characteristics of each flower, different thicknesses of yarn are selected so that each flower can be presented in the most beautiful state.

Size: about 50cm20cmH12cm


Purity of nature.

Elegance of purple.

Serenity of green

Like a painting.


In the world of flowers, the snowy sea of flowers carries the mystery and serenity of winter, while the crocheted knitted bouquet is like an exquisite painting, skillfully blending white roses, purple lavender and green fern leaves, presenting a unique natural beauty.


Roses as white as snowflakes represent purity and nobility. White roses are a classic flower whose fresh fragrance and elegant appearance make it the focal point of any bouquet. Whether blooming alone or paired with other flowers, white roses exude romantic beauty with their elegance.


Purple lavender exudes a light fragrance that seems to carry the serenity of summer. Lavender not only adds a deep purple hue to the bouquet, but also injects a sense of calm and comfort to the whole. Its unique aroma often lulls people into a tranquil fantasy.


The green fern leaves are like an embrace of nature, injecting vibrancy and vigor into the bouquet. The unique texture and fresh green color of the fern leaves add to the colorfulness of the entire bouquet. The green fern leaves seem to be a fresh breeze, adding a light and natural flavor to the bouquet.


The crocheted bouquet seems to be a delicate work of art, and the meticulous hand-knitting shows a unique sense of quality. This unique craftsmanship gives the bouquet more personality and warmth. Crocheted bouquets are not only a unique gift, but also a cherished piece of handmade art.


Snowy sea of flowers, crochet knit bouquet, white roses, purple lavender and green fern leaves are interwoven in this wonderful combination to create a dreamlike picture. This is not only a bouquet of flowers, but also a piece of art to express your feelings. Whether as a gift or for enjoyment, such a unique bouquet can bring people a different kind of happiness and pleasure. Let’s explore this wonderful sea of flowers together and feel the warmth and romance.



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