Large Blue Hydrangea Crochet Bouquet


Large Blue Hydrangea Crochet Bouquet  for  weddings, celebrations, Festivals and home decoration.

Material: Made of high quality brand milk cotton, the fabric is delicate and textured.

Size: about 50cm20cmH12cm

Delivery time :Products are made to be customed, there is a production cycle, the delivery time is about 5-7 days.

Noted:  1.Products are pure hand crocheted ornaments, each piece will be a little different, and may even have a small thread, but this is the charm of handmade ornaments, such as those who care, please do not place an order.

  1. Fabric can not be completely waterproof, please ensure that hands are clean before taking. If there is a small stain can be used cotton swab with a small amount of water to do cleaning.


The characteristics of a blue hydrangea crochet bouquet include:

  1. Unique appearance: The blue hydrangea crochet bouquet stands out with its spherical flower heads and full blooms, creating a distinct and eye-catching visual effect.
  2. Blue theme: Blue is the primary color of the blue hydrangea flowers, and this bouquet features a rich blue hue, conveying a sense of tranquility, calmness, and pleasantness.
  3. Handcrafted: The crochet bouquet is an artistry created by hand. Each flower and leaf is meticulously crafted using a crochet hook and yarn, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and patience.
  4. Soft and warm: Due to the use of yarn in its creation, the blue hydrangea crochet bouquet has a soft and warm touch, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance.
  5. Long-lasting: Compared to fresh flowers, crochet bouquets have a longer lifespan as they do not wither. They can be enjoyed and used as a lasting decorative piece.
  6. Creative and personalized: The design of the crochet bouquet can be customized based on personal preferences and creativity. Different flower shapes, colors, and arrangements can be chosen to create a one-of-a-kind piece.
  7. Environmentally sustainable: Crochet bouquets are made from recyclable materials, making them eco-friendly. They can be reused multiple times, reducing the demand for fresh flowers and promoting sustainability.
  8. Decorative bouquet: The blue hydrangea crochet bouquet can be used as an indoor decorative item, embellishing tabletops, adorning walls, or placed in suitable locations to add beauty to living spaces.
  9. Gift choice: The blue hydrangea crochet bouquet makes a unique gift option, suitable for various occasions to express care and well wishes to loved ones.
  10. Artistic expression: The crochet bouquet itself possesses artistic qualities, showcasing the creativity and artistic expression of the craftsperson and highlighting the charm of textile and crochet techniques.


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