Blue Rose + Sunflower Crochet Bouquet


Blue Rose + Sunflower Crochet Bouquet for weddings, celebrations, Festivals and home decoration.

Material: Made of high quality brand milk cotton, the fabric is delicate and textured.

Size: about 50cm20cmH12cm

Delivery time :Products are made to be customed, there is a production cycle, the delivery time is about 5-7 days.

Noted:  1.Products are pure hand crocheted ornaments, each piece will be a little different, and may even have a small thread, but this is the charm of handmade ornaments, such as those who care, please do not place an order.

  1. Fabric can not be completely waterproof, please ensure that hands are clean before taking. If there is a small stain can be used cotton swab with a small amount of water to do cleaning.


The characteristics of a bouquet combining blue roses and sunflowers:

  1. Characteristics of blue roses:
    • Blue roses are very rare and unique flowers. They are more precious and rare compared to traditional red or pink roses.
    • Blue roses symbolize mystery, miracles, and infinite possibilities. They are often used to express a mysterious attraction or deep love for someone.
    • Blue roses can also represent calmness and serenity, so they are gifted to those in need of comfort and solace in certain occasions.
  2. Characteristics of a crochet bouquet with sunflowers:
    • Sunflowers are symbols of sunshine, known for their bright, yellow flowers and tall stems.
    • A crochet bouquet with sunflowers is usually composed of multiple sunflowers, creating a cheerful and warm feeling.
    • Sunflowers represent loyalty, friendship, and hope. Gifting a crochet bouquet with sunflowers can express good wishes and blessings to others.
    • Sunflowers also have a positive and uplifting symbolism, inspiring optimism and vitality.


Combining blue roses and sunflowers in a bouquet creates a unique and eye-catching effect.

  1. Striking contrast: Blue roses and yellow sunflowers create a vivid contrast in colors. Blue represents mystery and romance, while yellow symbolizes sunshine and happiness. This contrast generates a lively and captivating visual effect that captures people’s attention.
  2. Intense emotional expression: Blue roses typically symbolize deep and mysterious love, while sunflowers represent friendship and hope. Combining these two flowers allows for the expression of complex and rich emotions, such as the merging of love and friendship or hope for the future.
  3. Uniqueness and rarity: Blue roses are already rare and precious flowers on their own, and combining them with sunflowers further enhances their uniqueness. This distinctiveness allows the bouquet to stand out among other floral combinations and leaves a lasting impression.
  4. Integration of different symbolic meanings: Blue roses symbolize mystery, romance, and tranquility, while sunflowers symbolize sunshine, loyalty, and hope. This combination blends different symbolic meanings together, creating a rich and diverse expression of emotions.

In conclusion, the combination of blue roses and sunflowers in a bouquet exhibits characteristics of striking contrast, intense emotional expression, uniqueness, and integration of symbolic meanings. Such a bouquet is suitable for special occasions or when conveying complex emotions, providing visual and emotional delight to people.


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